Virtual Reality Video

It's really true - VR is here! But what is it good for?

Well, suppose you want your child to be able to experience their first birthday, after they grow up, not just look at snapshots of it? Suppose you want to jump back to your wedding day, 10 years afterward? The Virtual Reality experience is so far beyond regular video, you really have to see it to believe it. It is the next best thing to a time machine. That's why we call our exclusive service for personal events "Time Vault" - because you literally save the day to relive at leisure.

We also record places and events for people who cannot make it to them, so they can "be there" after the fact. Additionally, people who cannot travel, people undergoing medical procedures, and many others, benefit greatly by being able to "get away" - spending a day on a sunny beach or in a pine forest, instead of watching their doctor work on them, for example. Every purchase of this service also helps support our efforts to make ever more VR content for those who need it, everywhere.

Don't have a headset? No problem; you can add one to your package at cost.

Basic VR recording packages start at $500

Deluxe packages available from $1,000